Do or die time

The Indy Robot Racing team continues its frustrating search for a couple of software glitches that are causing major headaches. In the words of one engineer, "We still haven't found a smoking gun," referring to the cyber culprit. Nonetheless, the team has made several adjustments to the vehicle in preparation for their qualifying run that begins about an hour from now.

Simply put, this run is huge. If the IRV doesn't complete the course, it is highly unlikely they'll qualify for the finals competition in the Mojave Desert. Team founder Scott Jones notes however that the primary goal is not to win the competition (although their competitive spirit is undeniable.) Rather, Jones - a graduate of Indiana University - is more interested in the long-term development of robotics as an Indiana industry. Win or lose he says that Indiana will benefit greatly from the team's research.

This afternoon, we interviewed several members of the team, three with connections to Indiana University. We're looking forward to showcasing these IU ambassadors and telling the story of IRV. In the meantime, our fingers - and toes are crossed that this afternoon's run is a winner.

[photo courtesy: Steven Wallace/Indiana University]


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